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Hiya! I'm Heather!


Welcome to the Hall of the Goblin Queenie. Here is where I reside when I'm not RPing. Which...well, I am RPing all the time so I'll be scarce.

I've got 99 tumblrs and this is just one~
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Tattle Tale

Super inspired by the awesome tattle-crime because they are always on my RP dash and twitter feed and act as a constant reminder of how much I love the character.

Freddie Lounds in this incarnation belongs to NBC

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[[ The sketch of the drawing I just finished. Freddie Lounds from NBC’s ‘Hannibal’.]]

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# my art
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My doodles from tonight:

Jack from Fables/TWAU

Russell from TWDG

Darcy Lewis from Thor/Thor 2

Doctor Horrible

Arthur from Inception

The Joker

And book!Will Graham

—I’ll have a Crane on here tomorrow for my friend Ellen!—

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happy easter

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“Tell me, what we gonna do with Lothair? Can’t rule, can’t win with Lothair.” — Charles the Bald and Louis the German

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i was drawing a “modern”  version of the outsider but then space dandy’s theme came on and everything turned into disco barf

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During a game of Monaco:

Taylor: You’ve got to sneak to get past them and then you can knock them out.

Me: I can sneak?



I misunderstood the assignment for 4.2 hours…

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[[ Doodles from today at work. The tribal portraits were done using tutorials from dragoart.com. Ultimate Warrior doodle done for my co-teacher. ]]

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